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Firearms Trainers Association

Conversations between legendary trainer Ken Hackathorn and gun industry attorney Kyle Sweet provided the spark for creating FTA. With the additional input and guidance of respected and distinguished trainers Jeff Gonzalez, Dave Spaulding, Scott Reidy and the leadership team from CCW Safe, the Firearms Trainers Association was born in a conference room in Las Vegas at SHOT Show.

FTA provides Liability Coverage and and other benefits for Firearms Trainers to help them secure and grow their business.

Liability Coverage Benefits

FTA Members have access to up to $1 Million in Liability Coverage for their training classes and range requirements. Members also get unlimited coverage certificates with no added fees. Coverage is provided by 2A insurance Captive. This is the same Captive Insurance that backs CCW Safe.

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Business Development

FTA provides business development tools and information to help instructors build and grow their business.

Industry Networking

FTA is building a network of industry companies and people in order to facilitate growth for all through communication and cooperation. This is an ongoing project and will grow over time.

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