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About Us

Conversations between legendary trainer Ken Hackathorn and gun industry attorney Kyle Sweet provided the spark for creating FTA. With the additional input and guidance of respected and distinguished trainers Jeff Gonzalez, Dave Spaulding, Scott Reidy and the leadership team from CCW Safe, the Firearms Trainers Association was born in a conference room in Las Vegas at SHOT Show.

FTA provides best in the industry Professional Liability Coverage benefits to members for any legal action stemming from their firearms training business. Furthermore, FTA protects the profession of firearms training through standards, business development services, curriculum sharing, safety and risk management. The Board members have decades of training experience in military/law enforcement and have dedicated their professional lives to training all levels of civilians. Their recognition of the need to create a mechanism to serve the interests of firearms trainers as well as increase the professionalism of the craft through their experiences, resources and core values led them to create FTA.

Firearms Trainers Association provides through CCW Safe’s 2A Insurance, financially backed membership benefits that provide for $1million in professional liability coverage including all legal costs and fees, attorneys fees and expert witness fees for only $400 per year. FTA membership is open to any certified firearms instructor. FTA has established for its members the only stable professional liability coverage in the firearms industry specifically available to trainers. This liability and legal protection membership benefit is not subject to political changes, protest or tragic event. It exists for the purpose of protecting the interests of our firearms trainer members.

Ken Hackathorn

Board Member

Jeff Gonzalez

Board Member

Kyle Sweet

Board Member