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Become A Member

The instructor membership is available to anyone who is currently a certified firearms instructor. The instructor membership provides instructors with comprehensive liability coverage, as well as necessary forms, and course material, all included with membership. Immediately upon joining the FTA as an instructor, you will receive a digital membership card and link to your coverage of insurance.

Instructor memberships are $400 annually. Discounts available for operations with multiple instructors.

We do not accept members in New York, New Jersey, Washington state. We offer no member benefits in those states.

FTA Members have access to up to $1 Million in Liability Coverage for their training classes and range requirements. Members also get unlimited coverage certificates with no added fees. Coverage is provided by 2A insurance Captive. This is the same Captive Insurance that backs CCW Safe.

In addition to liability coverage, FTA members that are involved in a civil action relating to something that happens in one of their classes will have all legal expenses related to the proceedings covered by FTA. This includes attorney fees, expert witnesses, consultants and all related defense expenses.