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Posted on May 24, 2018 by in Jeff Gonzales

Managing Anxiety In Your Students

Managing Anxiety In Your Students

In this video, Jeff Gonzales provides some tips for instructors on how to manage student anxiety, particularly those students new to firearms. 

We all have anxieties, but students coming in at the entry and basic level have very little knowledge and their anxiety about carrying everyday is high. Jeff suggests recognizing the risk involved but help them understand the benefits of everyday carry.

About Jeff Gonzales

Jeff heads up the staff of diverse trainers and instructors for Trident Concepts, LLC, a reality based company specializing in personal protection tactics and training for armed and unarmed conflicts. Our motto is “Concepts that meet reality.”

He was a decorated and respected US Navy SEAL and has worked in a variety of environments and capacities through out the globe. He brings to the company not only his hard & soft skills, but also his ability to manage and exploit the staff to best serve the interests of the company and their clients. Their goal is not simply to train you, but to better prepare you for the worst-case scenario.