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Jj Racaza And Jamey Caldwell Join The Ccw Safe And Fta Team

CCW Safe is proud to announce Industry Partnerships with some of the greatest subject matter experts in the firearms...


Teaching Students How To Not Outrun Their Headlights

An automobile traveling 60 MPH will cover a distance of 88 feet in approximately one second. A 2018 Toyota Camry in...


Cecil Burch On The Importance Of Teaching Conversation Distance Defensive Skills

Cecil Burch is a Phoenix-based defensive firearms and tactics instructor that I have known and trained under for years....


What All Instructors Need To Know

I recently attended the Rangemaster Advanced Handgun Instructor course in Carrollton, Texas taught by Tom Givens. I...


Switching Your Policy

You don’t have to wait until your current Professional Liability insurance policy expires to start up with FTA. In...


We Are The Fta

FTA is a big table organization. There are many seats at the table. When forming the FTA, the Founders wanted to do...