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Posted on October 16, 2023 by in Steve Moses

Meet The FTA Member: Mindy Kay Ray

Tell us who you are, where you grew up, where you live, and where you teach.

Hello! I am Mindy Kay Ray, born and raised in Texas! I grew up on several acres outside of Waco, Texas in a small town called China Spring. It’s a stone’s throw from the beautiful lake in Whitney, TX. I now live in the North Fort Worth area and primarily teach in Texas.


Were you ever in the military, law enforcement, or any other profession in which possession of a firearm was necessary?

I come from a pure private citizen background. I’m a firearms competitor in pistol, rifle, and shotgun.


Would you name just three firearm trainers that you have trained under?

The Legendary Tom Givens

Vicki Farnam

Erick Gelhaus


What firearms class did you attend that made the greatest single impression upon you and why?

Tom Givens Rangemaster Instructor Development Course. I really appreciate the “You Can Do It or You Can’t” air of the class. The way he teaches is very matter of fact – just like violence. You are either prepared for it or you’re not. After Tom’s initial instructor development class I immediately signed up for Advanced Instructor Development course and graduated from that one. I just completed the Rangemaster Shotgun Instructor Development course and I will register for the Rangemaster Masters Instructor Development course soon.


What is your favorite class to teach and why?

Beginner Handgun is my favorite class to teach. Learning to shoot a gun can be very intimidating. If I can help my students relax and have fun, they are able to learn in a comfortable environment. That makes it a bit less intimidating. Not many of us like to do things we don’t like. So, I help my students learn to love shooting through positive empowerment! I believe that’s how we get them to come back for more.


What is your favorite training drill, and why do you think your students benefit from it?

My favorite drill is almost anything that involves moving and shooting. I know that’s broad.  Most humans freeze when faced with something terrifying. In a violent encounter, we don’t have time to freeze. We must train to act and move simultaneously. 


As a member of the Firearm Trainers Association, what do you think might be the most important thing that instructors would benefit from knowing? 

You will never finish training. An instructor is a student first and forever. If you find the right people to train with, you’ll have another family you never knew you needed!


Why did  did you join the Firearm Trainers Association?

I joined FTA for 2 reasons. First, it saves me money as an instructor that teaches at multiple ranges. Second,  I know someone within the company and that makes doing business with FTA more personable.  That’s important to me. I prefer talking to a friendly colleague who understands the challenges of instructors over a customer service representative who might be 18 years old and possibly has a mindset of  “all guns are bad”.


Would you please provide any contact information that you would like the Firearms Trainers Association to share with the readers?

Contact Us – Mindy Kay Ray

Contact Us – Mindy Kay Ray


I help build CONFIDENCE behind the gun.