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Posted on July 19, 2018 by in Scott Reidy

Tactical Tip With Scott Reidy: Tasks, Conditions, Standards


With over 20 years as a law enforcement officer and 17 years of SWAT experience, Scott brings experience to the SIG SAUER Academy found nowhere else. Scott is certified as an instructor with dozens of law enforcement, firearms, and tactical specialties. He has conducted hundreds of law enforcement special operations and executive protection missions.

Scott is a former US Marine and served on a 16 man executive protection team for a fortune 500 company. He is an active member of professional organizations such as the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI), and the National Rifle Association (NRA). Additionally he is a Master Class competitive shooter and a member of the International Defensive Pistol Association and the United States Practical Shooting Association.