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Dave Spaulding

Dealing With “That Guy” And Thoughts On Celebrity Instructors With Dave Spaulding

FTA co-founder Dave Spaulding has over 35 years of experience in law enforcement and federal security and received the...


What All Instructors Need To Know

I recently attended the Rangemaster Advanced Handgun Instructor course in Carrollton, Texas taught by Tom Givens. I...


Switching Your Policy

You don’t have to wait until your current Professional Liability insurance policy expires to start up with FTA. In...


We Are The Fta

FTA is a big table organization. There are many seats at the table. When forming the FTA, the Founders wanted to do...


Military Vs. Civilian Training: Closing The Gap

It is important for firearms trainers to possess self awareness. If you come from a military background and you are...

Dave Spaulding

Distance Training Drill With Dave Spaulding

Dave Spaulding demonstrates a distance training drill he learned from Frank Proctor, former US Army Special Forces,...