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Jeff Gonzales

Reflections On Pistol Mrds After 15,000 Rounds_Mobile

Miniature/Micro Red Dot Sights, or MRDS, are the way of the future. There really isn’t a good argument against them...

Ken Hackathorn

Are You Delivering What Your Students Want Or Need?

Ken Hackathorn asks the question are firearms trainers delivering what their students want or what they need in this...


Teaching Students How To Not Outrun Their Headlights

An automobile traveling 60 MPH will cover a distance of 88 feet in approximately one second. A 2018 Toyota Camry in...

Larry Vickers

Changes In The Gun Industry That Every Instructor Should Know About

Larry Vickers discusses changes in the gun industry that every instructor should know about in this podcast from our...


Cecil Burch On The Importance Of Teaching Conversation Distance Defensive Skills

Cecil Burch is a Phoenix-based defensive firearms and tactics instructor that I have known and trained under for years....

Jeff Gonzales

How To Help Students Select The Right Firearm

Jeff Gonzales, FTA Founding Member and President of Trident Concepts, talks about how instructors can help their...