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Author: Steve Moses


Why I Changed The Way That I Teach Basic Defensive Pistol Classes

About five years ago we significantly changed the way that we were teaching our basic pistol classes. We based our...

Jeff Gonzales

Remembering Doctor William Aprill

Doctor William Aprill died August 6, 2020. William’s career spanned from being a deputy sheriff and Special Deputy...


Teaching Students How To Not Outrun Their Headlights

An automobile traveling 60 MPH will cover a distance of 88 feet in approximately one second. A 2018 Toyota Camry in...


Cecil Burch On The Importance Of Teaching Conversation Distance Defensive Skills

Cecil Burch is a Phoenix-based defensive firearms and tactics instructor that I have known and trained under for years....

Dave Spaulding

Dealing With “That Guy” And Thoughts On Celebrity Instructors With Dave Spaulding

FTA co-founder Dave Spaulding has over 35 years of experience in law enforcement and federal security and received the...